#define !(Beowulf Bash)¹

We know what you’re thinking… “I remember that Beowulf Bash at SC19. An amazing time, awesome venue, rockin’ band, fun games, and maybe some free drinks. I’ll sure miss the Bash this year! 

Indeed, thanks to biology, there is no live Beowulf Bash this year. There is no anything this year. But, in the spirit of doing things late and last minute², we, the Beowulf Bash committee, have decided to hold the !(Beowulf Bash).

We can hear you already: “ugh, not another Zoom thing, I’m tired of watching myself in a sea of tiny little faces.” Well, yes, we are holding yet another Zoom thing (what other options do we have, really?). But wait — ours is special. Of course it is, it’s the Bash version of a Zoom thing. First, the important bits:


Monday, November 16


5:30–7:30 pm EST

Zoom Link:

Supplied to all registrants

Food and Beverages:

Eat and drink all you want (the only time we’ll ever make this offer)

Goodie Bags:

Put the old swag laying around your desk in a bag and pretend

Introducing the !(Beowulf Bash) Zoom Room Shuffle

Here’s how it will work: we all meet at 5:30pm on Zoom. Settle in, and at approximately 5:40 we’ll randomly drop you into one of our Topic Rooms. Each room will have a moderator and maybe some surprise guests³ to lead the discussion.

After 30 minutes we’ll reconvene, only to shuffle you into yet another room. We’ll do the room dance one more time, so that everyone gets to visit three rooms. If you really, really, really want to visit a specific room, drop a note into the Zoom chat and we’ll accommodate you if we like you.

This is a totally free event, but you must register, or we’ll have no way to send you the Zoom link. We do reserve the right to kick out any malcontents.

Here are the !(Beowulf Bash) Topic Rooms:

Beowulf Foundation Room

Share your thoughts about launching a foundation to support the annual Beowulf Bash and other HPC projects that share the Beowulf Ethos.

Maven Room

Get into the weeds with some experienced community members. You may
even meet some long haul experts from the venerable Beowulf Mailing list.

HPC Argument Room

Have an opinion you want to test? You’re in the right place — find some mostly good-natured discussion here.

Openly Disruptive RISC-V Room

As the RISC-V standard has taken the embedded computing world by storm, we have also witnessed an ever increasing diversity in system architectures being deployed for traditional high performance computing.  The ability to apply an open ISA ecosystem to traditional high performance computing is becoming ever appealing in order to adapt system architectures for application-specific workloads.  Applying RISC-V to HPC provides an ideal platform for application-specialization while retaining a common development platform.  In this room, we seek to discuss the current RISC-V ecosystem, efforts to adapt it for deployable HPC system architectures and any potential gaps that need to be filled in the future. Sponsored by Tactical Computing Laboratories.

The Turnkey HPC Cloud Room

Cloud verses on-prem in the HPC and HTC world. Data is growing, and more research needs to be solved. The debate between on-prem and cloud grows as well. The dilemma for continuing on-prem usage is the queue times, and the long delay in completion due to overprescribed resources. Cloud Computing provides researchers a plethora of resources at their disposal, but is there a downside? In this room we will be discussing the positives and negatives of on-prem and cloud computing with special focus on the CloudyCluster solution in creating and running research-oriented HPC and HTC jobs. Sponsored by Omnibond.

The WHPC Mandalorian Room

The Mandalorian is a Star Wars spin-off based on the culture of planet Mandalor. Led primarily by women, Mandalorians are armor-clad warriors bound by a common culture, creed, and code. The !(Beowulf Bash) welcomes Women in HPC (WHPC) and invites you to envision and discuss the HPC Mandalorians. This is a room for good-natured discussion, sharing, and talking about bringing more women into HPC. As on Mandalor, diversity creates stronger organizations, and a stronger HPC community. WHPC strives to support diversity throughout the HPC community. This is the Way.

Back Hallway Room

Talk about whatever the hell you want (except bitcoin)!


Each room will have a topic leader to guide the discussion, answer questions, and argue (see the HPC Argument Room). Everyone’s invited to join the discussion, but lurking and listening is also an option. And, to be clear, rooms are for HPC and community conversations only — no marketing or selling. Remember, we control the mute button.

So there you have it. Just like being at an SC BeoBash, but in your pajama bottoms and with your own damn beer, listening to people “zoom stutter” and freeze frame with weird facial expressions. See, we told you it’d be special.

[1] For those !computer types, the “!” means “not”… clever, we know
[2]  We realize the flawless nature of past Beowulf Bashes makes it hard to comprehend that this stuff gets done literally at the last minute every year, but that just means we’re really good at it
[3] Sorry all you cats and kittens, Carol Baskin was busy

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