After years of being an established, marquee, annual community-building event with close to one thousand attendees, the Beowulf Bash has decided to re-brand itself as:

The Beowulf Bash began in the late nineties when a bunch of Beowulf cluster geeks gathered for beer and pretzels during Supercomputing. Over the years, the success of the Beowulf Bash brand continued to grow at a steady rate, and the event is now an established and recognizable part of the annual SC experience.

Which makes it the perfect time to rebrand as the Y Event.

Of course, many of you may ask: why Y1? Well, it seems that other letters were taken.

And because we just have to be different, the Y Event will take place at the Church Nightclub 2 in Denver. The Church has a very unique array of rooms and décor — which we will be filling with a very unique array of entertainment options. And as always, we’ll provide a quiet room for meeting and confessing to old friends.

To that point, this year’s underlying theme 3 is:

At various times, there will be opportunities to flex your horns or your halos to win cheesy prizes. 4 We worked real hard to tie the Y Event joke and the Horns and Halos church theme together. We failed, but figured you wouldn’t care 5. Plus, if asked, we’ll just say we used ChatGPT.

9pm and Midnight on
Monday, November 13

1160 Lincoln Street, Denver

You may be wondering: will we get in some kind of trouble by providing libations, food, music, and wild dancing in a such a hallowed environment? We have no idea 6, but we figure we’ll blame it all on the really great sponsors that are supporting this event.

Beowulf Bash 23 sponsor logos


[1] And yes, the new Y Event logo really is in the exact same $29.99 typeface Musk chose for his new billion-dollar brand. We’re cool like that.
[2] Relax, it was once a real church, but now it’s a church with partying.
[3] What the hell else were we going to do, it’s an old church, for crying out loud.
[4] Have you seen how cool our themed T-shirts are? Possible Grand Prize: The Official Barbie Oppenheimer Trinity Test Kit. Comes with a sleek engineer outfit and matching nuclear blast goggles (Plutonium sold separately).
[5] Your reasons for attending may vary, but we are going to guess: a) you don’t get out much, b) you have no idea what this shindig is about, but free beer, c) FOMO.
[6] We are not serious people.